Challenge 2012: Monthly Themes

Challenge 2012: Monthly Themes

Here’s the thing: I’ve been watching a bunch of book related YouTube channels. It’s just another way for me to waste time on the Internet. One of my favorite channels is one called The Readables. One of the things I like most about Priscilla’s channel is that she came up with the idea of doing a monthly theme. Basically, she picks a different theme each month (like “dystopian” or “banned books”) and only reads and reviews books that fit that theme over the course of the month. I really like that idea and thought I’d try a modified version here in 2012. Depending on how it goes, I might continue doing it in future years. These are the rules I hope to live by:

  1. My goal is to read at least fifty books in 2012, or roughly four books a month.
  2. At the beginning of each month, I will create an introductory post of sorts. I’ll do my best to define the theme and why I chose it. I will also include a list of books I own that fit in the theme. The list should include at least four books, but ideally I’d like to have more like six to eight books available, just in case I find myself reading a book I can’t finish for whatever reason.
  3. At least forty of the fifty books I read in 2012 have to be books already in my collection. In other words, I’m allowed to purchase no more than ten books for this challenge.
  4.  Priority is on books I haven’t yet read. Rereads are OK, as long as I haven’t talked about or reviewed them on bibliogrrrl.
  5. I must read at least four books that fit each theme. If I get done with four books and there’s still time left in the month, I’m free to read any book I want, whether it fits the theme or not.

Since I want to spend 2012 focusing on books I already own, I’ve already picked out themes for each month of 2012 with my current collection in mind. So here’s a monthly breakdown of each theme:

  • January
    • Theme: fantasy/paranormal.
  • February
    • Theme: books by authors of African descent.
  • March
    • Theme: women’s history.
  • April
    • Theme: freak shows, sideshows and circuses.
  • May
    • Theme: mental illness (including, but not limited to, depression, suicide, eating disorders, addiction).
  • June
    • Theme: dystopias.
  • July
    • Theme: books set in France, by French authors, or about French history.
  • August
    • Theme: fairytales and fairytale retellings.
  • September
    • Theme: banned and challenged books.
  • October
    • Theme: LGBTQ
  • November
    • Theme: the next book in the series.
  • December
    • Theme: free

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