Notes from the Bibliosphere: Where Bibliogrrrl Goes From Here

Notes from the Bibliosphere: Where Bibliogrrrl Goes From Here

October 9, 2011


Notes from the Bibliosphere is a semi regular feature I do here on Bibliogrrrl. It’s usually posted on Sunday and is where I reflect on book blogging and/or share things I’m interested in from the bibliosphere.

When I started Bibliogrrrl in June, I had notebooks full of what I call book reviews: my thoughts on some of the books I’ve read. I must admit that it had gotten to the point where I figured I had an infinite amount of those things written. At least, when I was typing up the reviews that appeared over the last week, I was surprised to discover that those where the last of the reviews I had written. My surprise is certainly the result of poor planning on my part. But really, I think it’s pretty amazing that Bibliogrrrl has managed to survive as long as it has based solely on previously written book reviews – some originally written as far back as 2009. Now that my reviews are mostly used up (I have a handful that are pretty short and will probably be combined and posted at a later date), I’m “stuck” scrambling for content to post here.

You see I’m not a very fast reader. Quite the contrary. I see other bloggers reading several books over the course of a weekend. I’m not one of those book bloggers. I’m usually happy to finish an entire book in a week, but I often don’t accomplish even that. It doesn’t help that I’m the midst of a major book slump. As I already mentioned a couple weeks ago, I have a tendency towards letting myself get distracted from reading (in some cases, other blog projects have gotten in the way!). I had hoped that Bibliogrrrl would be a motivating factor to get me to read more. It still can be, but it means that I’m going to have to rethink my strategy. Gone are the three reviews a week practice that has been going on here pretty much non stop since Bibliogrrrl’s inception (with the exception of a few weeks at the end of August/beginning of September when I was on vacation). For now, there will be reviews less often, but I hope to continue with posts about bookish related topics (I purposefully held off posting that thing I was talking about last week about deciding hat your kids read so I’d have something to post this week). I’ve also been toying with the idea of live blogging a book, where I write a blog post every chapter or two. If this happens, it’ll probably be a non-fiction book, most likely one that’s fairly dense (and hopefully having several posts on a single book will help me make better sense of it). I don’t know – I want to find a way to do that without giving too much away.

So those are my plans for now. I know that Bibliogrrrl doesn’t have very many regular readers, but I hope the ones I have stick with me.


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